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What’re inside my badge

I asked Collis to let us take a look at his bag. He swears the colour coordination is an accident . Here’s Collis’ description of the contents of his bag:

  1. 15†Apple Macbook Pro – “I’ve only had this notebook for a couple of months. My last MBP was ruined on a recent trip to Hawaii, when my son spilt coconut water on it. At least the disaster was in theme with the holiday.”
  2. Apple iPad Mini – “The iPad Mini came in handy on that same trip! After the laptop died, I decided to embrace going mobile and started creating content using the iPad, a wireless keyboard, iA Writer and Paper (the app by Fifty Three). It was cool, but really not as productive as a laptop!”
  3. Telstra 4G HotSpot – “Public WiFi isn’t always safe or reliable. With this device, as long as I have phone reception, I have an internet connection. I use it constantly as I love working in cafes around Melbourne.”
  4. The Classic BIC 4 Pen – “I love these pens. They are pretty popular around the office and I was constantly ‘misplacing’ mine. One day I went down to the stationery store and bought every pen they had (about seventy) and liberally sprinkled them around the office, my house and my backpack.”
  5. Evernote Moleskine – “I have been a fan of Moleskine notebooks for a long time and have only recently signed up to Evernote. I bought this on my recent trip to Japan. Despite the fact that I actually do use Evernote, I have never tried taking photos of the pages and scanning them. I just thought the cover of the Moleskine looked cool. I’m shallow like that.”
  6. Fitbit Flex – “I spend a lot of time on the computer, so I want to make sure that I am moving around enough in the day. I bought like four of them for my family and we have a competition to see who is most active. My dad —who also works at Envato— basically beats me every day. I think he may be deliberately pacing around his office just to show me up.”
  7. Nixon Watch – “The watch is so heavy it actually used to bruise my hand where it would knock. But after buying it, I didn’t want to feel like I’d wasted money so I wore it long enough that the bruising stopped. Buyer’s remorse FTW!”
  8. READING: Anything You Want by Derek Sivers – “This book was lent to me by Sebastian from the Microlancer team. Derek Sivers was the guy behind CD Baby and he’s both a great writer and has a talent for parcelling little gems of advice for entrepreneurs.”
  9. Paper Folder – For a digital company, there still is a lot of papers to read. Contracts, business cases, proposals, and much more. In fact they seem to multiply with every passing year!
  10. Mission Workshop Bag: “The Fitzroy†– This bag was a present from Jun, one of the founders and owners of Envato. He was the Best Man at my wedding! And it’s also an awesome bag 🙂

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